Using the Global Trade HQ to the Mayor’s Advantage

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The SimCity BuildIt is a very popular game that players love to play. It is all about constructing a good and neat city that involves proper planning and development. It is not only about constructing buildings, it is also about trading activities and production activities in the city. Trading activities are mostly done through the Global Trade HQ. Millions of transactions are done through the Global Headquarters. Many items are sold and bought through the Global Trade. The items that are sold here are created by other players. Some items are more in demand. Such items are high priced. When there is no demand for the goods, they are sold at lower prices.

Features of the Global Trade HQ

The Global Trade HQ does not directly sell goods. All goods that are to be traded are advertised on the Global Trade HQ. Mayors have the option of selling their products either through advertising them or by not advertising them. When the mayor wants to advertise his products, he advertises them through the Global Trade HQ and it works as a catalogue for advertising products. On seeing the advertised products, those interested in these products analyze the rates quoted and come forward to buy them. It also helps mayors to show their cities and its products to others. Buyers get an opportunity to visit other cities on the pretext of buying products. Products that are sold on the Global Trade HQ are displayed as a queue that runs from left to right. New items get updated into the queue and are displayed at the end of the queue and are found on the right. When the buyer wants products at the Global Trade HQ, he should be visit the place as soon as it opens and click on the item he requires immediately.


Trade through Global Trade HQ

The Global Trade HQ can be used for trade only when your population touches the level of 8,000. Once the population reaches 8000, you can start selling your items by advertising them on the Global Trade HQ. But to buy from the Global Trade HQ, the population should touch 10,000. Goods can be traded only by advertising them on the Trade Depot. The products placed for advertisement can be viewed by mayors all over the globe. The mayor should not sell products that are made by stores. Only items that are in excess can be sold to others. When manufactured goods are sold on the Global Trade HQ, they can be bought, especially when they are quoted at low rates. Low-rated products can be bought not only for use, but they can also be bought for resale. The mayor can get good rates for the products if he keeps the good bought at low price at the Global HQ at his storage and sells them for a higher price later, when he gets good rates at the Global HQ.

Money is the main incentive to trade at the Global HQ. The mayor makes use of various trading strategies to make more money. He can also use the simcity buildit hack apk to get more currencies to use in his city.